Together we will achieve by providing:

  • • Social Responsibility
    • Academic Success
    • Emotional Stability
    • Personal Accountability
  • • A safe environment
    • A stimulating environment
    • A supportive culture
    • Opportunities for promotion

Together we will achieve.

  • Why? This is our cause and belief that serves as our unifying, driving and inspiring force. Pupils develop a love of learning and strategies enabling them to enjoy independence through decision making which is guided by a strong moral compass. This in turn positively impacts and improves their social, emotional and mental health well-being resulting in them flourishing in school and beyond.

  • How? Our actions

    Woodfield School actively cultivates strong and trusting relationships between all members of the school community. A positive environment supports staff acceptance, empathy and curiosity in every pupil.

    Skilled staff provides consistent and appropriate interventions so all pupils feel safe and secure even when they may be demonstrating inappropriate behaviors as a result of social, emotional and mental health challenges.

  • What? This is what we do and you will see, hear and experience in our school and on our website.

Woodfield School
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Woodfield School
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Telephone: 024 7641 8755

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