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This half term Beech Class have been learning all about Greece. We have discovered where Greece is and why people go there on their holidays. Most of us decided that we would like to visit Greece because it has a warmer climate than the UK. Some of us prefer the cold, rainy weather here! Theseus and the Minotaur was our favourite Greek myth to read in English lessons. We loved hearing about the dark labyrinth and the hideous minotaur, hidden deep underneath the palace. The story inspired us to design our own mythical beasts and to describe the labyrinth where they live.

In maths, we have begun to learn about fractions; our favourite lesson was when Sarah brought in a huge chocolate cake for us to cut into different fractions! We have also been learning about measures. We can use rulers and metre sticks to measure length and height, and we can use weighing scales to measure mass. We used our knowledge of mass to measure out ingredients for baking fairy cakes.

Our science lessons have been all about the human body. We know what food we need to eat to keep us healthy, what type of skeleton we have and why we need muscles. We have even compared the human diet and skeleton to those of different animals.

We enjoyed a visit to St George’s Church in Coundon as part of our RE lessons to find out how Christian people show their faith. We were able to find out about different traditions and celebrations. We also took some food with us to donate to the food bank at the church to support those in need in the local community.


After half term, we are looking forward to starting a new topic on rainforests. We will be finding out all about tropical rainforests and the people who work and live there. Our English lessons will focus on a book called ‘The Flower’, and we will be learning about plants in our science lessons. As part of these lessons we will be preparing our garden area for planting in the spring. We will also be planting some seeds to grow in pots in the classroom before transferring them outside when they are ready.