Spruce Class

Welcome to Spruce Class


During last term in Spruce class, the children

worked incredibly hard and made some fantastic progress as a result. Our topic was about voyagers of the skies and seas, specifically Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. We learnt all about the qualities these people had as well as some facts about their lives and some of the amazing impacts their work had on the modern world. The children also got to look at some famous space and sea artists and even tried to recreate some pictures.  


As well as teaching our PE and swimming, Mrs Holmes helped the class to develop their team work by playing co-operative games every week too. They enjoyed the active and physical learning and are developing better empathy for one and other.


Maths topics changed weekly but the children are making great progress but will be continuing to push them academically. 


Our English still centres around different books every half term and last half term it was 'Traction man' by Mini Grey. The children enjoyed engaging with a different type of text and making sense of a comic style book. Our big write concluded with some information writing as the children designed a new suit for Traction man and justified the materials and designs used. 

This term has brought a change in staffing in Spruce class as Mr Walton embarks on a new challenge within the school. Mrs Proud is the main teacher in the class but Mr Walton will still teach their science on a Thursday afternoon, to maintain the positive relationships he has developed within the class. 


Their topic will again be historical based as the pupils will be trying to answer the question - 'Why did the Titanic sink?'. This will tie in nicely with their science topic of forces and magnets and their English story based around the owl and the pussy cat. 


Mrs Proud is the Maths lead for the school so the children will really benefit from her expertise in this area. Spruce class will continue to Swim on a Monday and have PE on a Tuesday weekly. 


We hope the children will quickly settle into the change and continue to keep being the stars they have been in the first 2 terms. 

Thank you for your continued support.